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Stark Law Office LLC enjoys advising, structuring, and documenting business transactions for companies (and individuals).

What do I mean by business transactions?  The more important question is, “What do you mean by business transactions?”  Maybe events like:

  • Buying a business
  • Investing in a business
  • Selling a business
  • Borrowing for a business
  • Lending to a business
  • Merging one business with another business
  • Buying something from a vendor, such as a service provider or a supplier
  • Selling something to a customer or client
  • Guaranteeing something (by personal guarantee or “corporate” guarantee)
  • Indemnifying another company or individual against some real or potential “risk”
  • Settling a dispute among companies or individuals
  • Adding or subtracting “owners” in companies
  • Hiring key employees
  • Keeping “confidential” information “confidential”

Contract Review:  With regard to any important “deal” involving a business or individual, or or more of the parties to the deal normally want to get something down on paper.  That’s a good instinct to follow through on.  Often, however, the parties themselves do not have sufficient experience or legal knowledge when it comes to expressing, in written form, the exact nature of the “deal” that they have agreed on.  That’s sufficient reason, alone, for a businessperson to hire a lawyer.

If your company is involved in an important “deal” that should be documented (or is being documented) and for which you’d like the input of a lawyer, please feel free to contact Stark Law Office LLC.

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[all posts] Company Counsel--Monthly Flat Fee Contract Review, Drafting & Negotiation